The Two Best Tennis Players in the World Playing This Sunday

Rafa Nadal has won 88 out of 89 five set matches on clay. His record at the French Open is 65-1.

When asked about how he stays hungry and committed to the next chance, the next point, the next moment in his tennis life…where does that inspiration come?

“It comes from the practice. The dedication. You can practice everything. The mental can practice. The character, you can practice it. You must practice it.
And try, try, try, always try…..”

Can you write a new story about how you approach the next moment in your tennis, work, life?

Looking forward to a match between the two best in the World in the finals of the French on Sunday morning.

I am hoping it will be another of ‘the greatest matches ever.”

Assuming Djokovic has recovered and has good energy, it could be a 4+ hour match.

Djokovic is the master of defending and quickly turning into offense.

Nadal is the master of no quit. Every ball, every point.

My pick: Nadal. I just don’t think Djokovic will have the will, tomorrow, to go the distance.

Listen carefully to the post match interviews. These two guys are great teachers for all of us.

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