Play Within Myself 238

Play Within Myself

So many years of competing. Lots of successful matches. More wins than I ever could have imagined.

And there is still that voice tucked away deep in the corner of my mind that has doubt. A small piece of mental scar tissue that continues to remind me to take nothing for granted.

I show up at a tournament with that small voice reminding me of the twelve year old who was cut from the 7th-8th grade basketball team. From so long ago when I was told “you are not good enough.”

This voice is the one that, even now, continues to push me to be better.

So it is really a helpful voice. It keeps me diligent.

But the self doubt also can make me question myself.

I start to think that if I am just myself I might not be good enough.

And I can start to overplay. A formula for disaster.

Then I remember.

Play within myself.

Just be Bob.

I have within me all that I need. Who I am will just have to be enough.

Today I remembered that most important lesson.

Everything just got a lot easier.

Quarterfinals tomorrow.

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