Serena: A Champion’s Champion 51

I blasted Serena after the US Open for her attitude towards Roberta Vinci and the US Open crowd after her defeat cost her the Grand Slam.

I wrote to her in my blog:

Serena: So now, a better story for you from me, the storyteller:

 “I will study the greats of sports and find those who have risen above their extraordinary results. Those that have been loved for their attitude, not only in victory, but in defeat. I aspire to express to the fans who have helped me live a wonderful life as an athlete my gratitude. I will show appreciation over the next phase of my career. I aspire to be included amongst Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Davenport, Billie Jean, Magic, Peyton, Venus, Spieth, Ali and even Jack Nicklaus who, as fierce as he was, still was congratulatory in defeat. I will rise above my results to reach a level of humanness and become a champion champion. The next phase of my career will be the one that will be my legacy.”

Maybe you read my blog. Maybe your posse talked to you. Maybe your heart told you that you could do it better. That you could be a Champion’s Champion.

Because after your loss in the finals of the Australian Open, you were a new and improved version of yourself. Despite the disappointment of losing, you came around the net and hugged the newest Grand Slam champ, Angelique Kerber. You smiled and spoke to her and, though we couldn’t hear what you said, we could see your genuine congratulations.

You did it.

You were a mensch in defeat. A person of integrity and honor. A person who does the right thing.

Thank you Serena.

You have shown all of us that change is possible.

And I look forward to the next chapters of your illustrious career as the best ever, both in winning and in defeat.

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