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I was talking with a D1 college runner today. He’s had some injuries and one year of eligibility left. Thinking he might want to try a different college he called for my advice. He had so much noise in his brain that he couldn’t decide what to do. Everyone was giving him advice. Lots of “you should…”

Nothing but more confusion.

I have learned not to give advice. Instead I share what I’ve learned on my way through life.

Here’s what I have learned when in that uncomfortable place of not knowing what to do:

Welcome the unknown. Certainty doesn’t usually happen without uncertainty. Might as well accept it as one of the voices.

Trust yourself. You probably have trusted yourself plenty in your life. Almost everything you have done in your life you, at one time, couldn’t do. You used trust to take the leap. And you are still here.

Marinate your thoughts with uninvested advisors. They don’t care what you decide. There is nothing in it for them. Their input will be clean and objective. Avoid giving them the “but.” Just take it in.

Know that the battle in your brain is between the voices of all you were taught by your internalized teachers and the independent voice that is yours. Sit back and enjoy the back and forth. Once they have exhausted each other you can pick up the pieces that will lead you to a sense of knowing.

Decisions are rarely 100%. If you end up 50-50, keep marinating. If you end up any other ratio, refer back to welcoming the unknown and trust.

Oh, and here is one piece of advice.

Read “The Alchemist.” It may help you discover that you are right where you are supposed to be and what looks like an obstacle is just something that gets you to the next place you are supposed to be.

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