A Win and a Loss That Feels Like a Win 487

A Win and a Loss That Feels Like a Win

Just a quick update as I am short on time today.

Won the singles semis 6-2, 6-4. It was a day of me not playing quite as consistently as I had been. The normal ups and downs of tennis matches, points and shots. I needed to continue to be accepting of these ups and downs. They come with the game. I had a tough time with my opponents short and angled balls but managed to stay supportive of myself and continued to guide myself to better solutions. Leading 6-2, 5-2 my opponent didn’t go away and played a great game to break me and then he won his serve and love. 5-4 game was huge as the whole match can turn right in that game. I hung tough, made some big serves and escaped 6-2 for the match.

Today I play my buddy and frequent doubles partner Brian Cheney in the finals.

Brent Abel and I squared off against Cheney and Dan Bohannon in the doubles semis. Well over 100 gold balls had been won by the four of us and the match was a great one. They beat us 4-6,7-5,6-4 in about 3 hours. It was exciting with high levels of play from each of us. Funny in these close matches where everyone is making and missing that we all feel that we are the one who has let our partner down. Completely erroneous as the match couldn’t have been what is was without each of us doing a lot of good.

Have to get going to get ready for the singles. More to follow later or tomorrow.

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