I’m Bob Litwin, glad that you’ve come by my website.  My life, my work, passion is all about helping people live the very best stories of their lives, helping people journey from who they are to who they want to be, whether in sports, business, life, attitude, money or relationships.

My own story began with not being who I wanted to be in so many ways: in my marriage, as an athlete, in attitudes and in business.  By using my own program I went from being in an unhappy marriage to an amazing marriage, I went from being a decent tennis player to a 3-time World Champion, 29-time US National Champion, and 13-time member of the US Senior Davis Cup team. My career was highlighted by winning the Individual World Championships, being ranked number one in the world and induction into the Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame. In business I went from being a club tennis teacher, who felt like I was hired help all the time, to turning that into an amazing business where now I coach masters of businesses, hedge funds and all other industries including lawyers, doctors, dentists, industrialists, people in finance and athletes at all levels from high school to collegiate to professional.

Everyone I work with is aspiring to be better than s/he is today. Who doesn’t want to improve??  Is there anyone out there who feels, Hey I am perfect, I need nothing.  Everyone wants to be a little better in some way.  A new improved version of who they are.

How do you start living the best story of your life? You decide you want change, and you allow yourself to know that change doesn’t have to be hard.  It’s right at your fingertips. Change starts by using a surprising skill we’ve all been using for decades: Storytelling.  Bad stories are the reason we might be living lives that don’t inspire us or make us happy.  Bad stories are the low bars we set for ourselves, and they keep us stuck.  Good stories help us live the lives we know are out there for us. Good stories are the lives we want to move into.  Good stories are the high bars, that when we set them we instinctively move toward them.  My mission is to help you live the best story of your life.

Bob is a very special human being. Wish more of planet earth had his stuff. He is simply the best!!

Jim Loehr, world-renowned performance psychologist, and co-author of the national bestseller The Power of Full Engagement

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