Work With Me

People believe, think, feel, say and do things that get them farther from what they want.  People also believe, think, feel, say and do things that get them closer to what they want.

My program is about doing less of what gets you further and more of what gets you closer to what you want. It can get anybody just about anything they want in their life. With a simple two-step guide and a set of easy-to-use tools, I help you move from your bad story to your good story so you can get more of what you really want and become more of who you really want to be.

I love my work. I’m creating new stories all the time, with myself in my daily life, with cab drivers and flight attendants, with friends and relatives and everyone I meet.   I’ve helped a bond-trader kick a million-dollar field goal in front of 60,000 people, a hedgefund trader increase his earnings by 7 figures, an overweight CEO lose over 40 pounds, end a failing relationship and take the leap to starting a business others only dream about.

And that’s what I want for you. Once you develop this skill, one that after you’ve been doing it for a while, you won’t even need to exercise it, you’ll just wake up in the morning and new stories will fall into your head.  You will always be moving forward, swimming downstream, becoming a newer improved version of you.

I work one-on-one with you by Skype, email, Facetime, I also work with groups, and do speaking engagements.   I work on the court, I’ll come to your office, you can come to my office.  To start off, we can do a power hour session (that might last a few hours) to find out where you are in your life and where you really want to go. From there we’ll figure out if you need more sessions or if one can get you on your way.

I have worked closely with some of the world’s greatest professional, Olympic, and collegiate coaches of elite athletes. Bob Litwin ranks among the best. His TAO and Zen-techniques allow you to discover and unlock the extraordinary powers of body, mind, and spirit for dramatic improvement– not only in your tennis game, but in all arenas of your life. Your game will never be the same once you commit to Litwin’s method of ageless wisdom and practical strategy.

Jerry Lynch, Ph.D., Author, Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

My fee depends on you, what you are looking to change and how you’d like to work together.  You can work on a small part of your life like eliminating that donut you eat before you go to bed, your forehand, your putting, and/or you can work on big things: new career, finding relationships, health, exercise. You can work on becoming a champion, becoming a millionaire, saving your marriage, finding the love of your life, spending more time with your kids and loving the life you have.  Whatever you want, the tools and the two-step guide will get you there. To find out more, send me your email, and I can give you further details.

My daily mission is to be a positive force for change, to help people adapt, change, grow in the direction that will give them what they want, whether it’s an attitude, a business, a particular way of doing things, breaking an old habit, forming a new habit.

There’s no time like the present.

What do you have to lose?