Semifinals Tomorrow Morning 7

Tomorrow morning is the semis and I play a fine player from Argentina. I am a strong favorite in the minds of most of the people in the Games based on how I have moved through the draw until now. There was a time that being the favorite felt like a burden to me, but that has passed over the years. Being the favorite has to do with the past. I know that whatever happens in the past has very little to do with the present. Nadal and Federer can certainly attest to that. Everything has to do with what I bring to the court tomorrow. My opponent and I are starting the match at the same starting line. The score starts at 0-0. We both will be on the 39×78 and we both have a 3 foot net.

I know who I am and what I need to do. Play with dignity and class. Ball in the court. Play within myself. Compete for every single point. Never quit. Welcome the adversity. Be accepting of how things play out. Find solutions. Be a positive role model for my USA teammates who are playing for medals for the first time in their lives.

Play with joy!

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