Short and Long 5

Rushing out to dinner with friends so this is just a report of results, which, for me, is a bit unfulfilling.

Singles this morning was short. I beat a friend who was a medalist at the Maccabian Games with me. Won it 6-1, 6-0. Again my focus was solid. I felt happy going on the court and played happy.

Doubles was long. 3-1/4 hours. I played with a new partner, great player who has won a couple of doubles World Championships. Lots to say about a new partnership regarding communication. We pulled out a win 6-4, 6-7, 6-1.

Singles and doubles tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Short and Long

  • Dexter Godbey

    Yep. Great results, Bob. I saw them earlier on line. In my love/hate relationship with the Internet, being able to follow tennis stuff is in the love column..

    I’d guess you did most everything the way you wanted to. Must have been a very fun doubles match.

    Good luck tomorrow.



  • Ted Goldsmith

    Perhaps a sustained break away from whatever one does regularly would be a wise prescription not only for athletes, but for all of us.
    It’s remarkable how nicely you regained your form.

  • judy r. goldsmith

    The feeling, after a match, of having played physically relaxed, mentally focused and emotionally neutral, is so wonderful:
    A euphoria, of feeling happy and profoundly enjoying one’s place in the world.