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Please join me Friday as I will be talking about my coaching model for business, sports and life. Ron Comacho is a fully engaged interviewer and I expect an hour of dynamic interaction.

This Friday at 10AM ET/USA:

You Can Write Your Own Success Story

It’s a highly pressurized and competitive world out there. From athletes to hedge fund managers many have sought the insight of a performance coach to up their game. One such performance coach is Bob Litwin, 16-time National Tennis Champion, former World Ranked #1 and author of the soon to be released book –
Live The Best Story of Your Life – A World Champion’s Guide to Lasting Change.

Join Ron Comacho, host of The Business Hour, when he talks with Bob Litwin about how he has helped athletes and business people to overcome barriers and obstacles and build a foundation of awareness to overcome those challenges to visualize specific elements of success.

This Friday on America’s Web Radio.

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5 thoughts on “Guest Radio Spot Friday, March 14

  • judy r goldsmith

    Just finished listening to you on The Business Hour radio show. First: you spoke so well. Very well organized, warm, natural and articulate. Next: what great timing. Next week is our club golf championships, and I will be competing. This hour was a reminder of the work I need to keep doing in preparation before my first match, and also what I need to do on the course during the match. Before I go out for my practice now, I’m going on Amazon to order your book. Bob, well done.

  • Dale Karp

    Just listened to you on America’s Web Radio. You were terrific! You are a great speaker with a wealth of information and good advice. I cannot wait to read your book!

  • Paul

    Sorry , didn’t check my email so I missed it. however saw you on Sat and you asked to hit with me. Thanks! It was amazing to see you get into that competitive game once we started really hitting. I understand now what it takes to get the edge. Thanks again and hope to hit with you and your wife soon . Paul