Shoshin 9

I am on my way to Ft Lauderdale where I am presenting to the International Board of Directors of the Israel Tennis Centers. My task is to get these already successful people to refire their rockets to the place where they were when they first started and felt the passion every day.

I will talk to them about how bringing sincerity and full effort to every moment is the way to be amazing day after day, even in activities that may be old. There is a Japanese word, shoshin, that Zen teachers use. It means child’s mind, beginners mind. The ability to see this moment as the very first time. The child’s mind doesn’t look at the past successes or failures or the future concerns, worries or the gains from how things will play out. The child’s mind finds the newness and wowness of this very moment.

So, with that in mind, how will you approach, your next moment, minute and hour?

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9 thoughts on “Shoshin

  • Warren Cohen

    Will just miss you. I leave from Ft. lauderdale tomorrow after a successful season opening qualifier for FSGA Senior Am. Tournament in Vero Beach 4/15-17

  • Suzanne Kingsbury

    Shoshin, that’s where true genius lives. Just reading this makes me want to give everything I am to every minute. You inspire me!! Can’t wait to hear more about those rockets that are firing off in Ft. Lauderdale!! xxxxooooo, Suzanne.

  • marty gilbert

    Bob…as one who worked for the Israel Tennis Center for almost 20 years I know the lasting benefits that the children gain from this experience. It needs your fresh eyes and ideas…good luck.

  • Marilyn Weber

    Hi Bob, What a very interesting Japanese word – Shoshin. I don’t think the English language has a word that means the same thing. I strive to not let past successes or failures influence my enthusiasm for things that are new to my mind and being. Thank you so much for sharing this word with us. I’m sure your presentation will be brilliant.

    We heard that Amy and the kids were visiting you last week. I’m sure you had a great time with all of them.

    Kindest regards, Marilyn Weber

  • Sandra

    I was one of your students this morning…just finished writing the first “new Sandra story” and I am happy. Thanks for giving us a really easy way to a new beginning.

    I know it won’t be my last new story.

    Thank you so much,,,,,,sandra

  • Pat Youngman

    Great insight into living everyday. Makes me want to wake up every morning like a newborn seeing and doing everything for the first time. Makes me want to approach tennis that this is the first time I am holding a racquet in my hand and everything is possible.

  • A|rthur Kay

    Hi Bob, interest note…your writing that you are on the way to a meeting about the Israeli Tennis Center and I was reading it in Jerusalem…see you when |I return..

  • Jack

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