Roger vs. Novak Once Again 12

We tennis fans are so blessed when Grand Slam finals are contested by #1 vs #2. In this era we have seen it many times as Roger, Rafa, Novak and Andy have faced off. And we are often presented with a greatest match of all times.

People have been writing me since Friday wanting to know who I think will win this battle of our two very best.

My hope and thought is that this match has the potential of being like the first Rocky vs. Apollo fight. A fight where both landed a knockout punch to end the match.

Tennis though can’t end like that. Someone wins the last point.

I hope that this is a match where there are two winners. Novak the best player of the last few years. Roger the best player over the last two months.

I want Roger to win.

I want Novak to play extraordinary tennis and to push Roger to a match that will be remembered forever.

Sorry for hedging on who I think will win but, really, who can possibly know?

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