Mama Said There’d Be Days Like These 235

Doubles finals at the ASICS World Championships…Charlie and I got crushed. 6-0 6-0 on Center Court.

There is little to say other than the ball just didn’t bounce our way today.

We played ok but our opponents played lights out.

Very weird match in that we had game points in at least 7 of the games but we couldn’t convert. Not even once. Len Wofford and Paul Wulf played too tough.

It was a great opportunity to be a mensch in defeat.

Mensch is hebrew for a person with integrity and honor.

And we were truly mensches. No excuses. Total congratulations and expression of respect for the winners.

Charlie and I walked off the court winners. We had stayed connected. We fought until the last point. We forgave each other and ourselves for a less than stellar outcome.

Between us we have won over 70 National Championships. We are used to winning on the last day. But we can also take a loss. We took it with dignity and class.

Thanks to my practice partners at Rocky Mountain Tennis Center who helped me prepare for this inaugural trip to the hard courts in the desert: Andy Chernaik, Pat Perrin, Duke Paluch, Luis Garza, Neil Kearney and Lars Hoffman.

Thanks to Rebecca Mara and Helen Grigg for keeping my body in balance. To Phil Wharton, who somehow kept my body in the right place by coaching me each day on the phone. You are a genius.

Thanks to great friends Frank and Barb for coming from Denver to watch and cheer.

And to Jo Ann, who each day supports my journeys, giving selflessly, taking care of me, encouraging me and loving me. Your keep me focused on the right stuff.

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