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Just back from The US Tennis Congress, a remarkable weekend in Atlanta, attended by over 200 recreational players all wanting to grow their games. Eager for information these players were welcomed by 60 of the most passionate informed tennis coaches in the World. It was a love fest of tennis growth, as the players loved learning and the coaches loved teaching. There has never been anything like this for players. They picked from topics and parts of their games and were able to get specialized teaching from coaches who are all masters of a particular part of tennis and competition.

I was honored to be on the faculty and presented “Storytelling: A World Champion’s Secret to Living the Best Game of Your Life.” It was energizing and exhilarating sharing with so many receptive people.

Other faculty included 18 time Grand Slam Champion Fred Stolle, 10 time Grand Slam Champion Anne Smith, Spanish Davis Cup Captain and Coach Emilio Sanchez, Wimbledon Doubles Champion Don Johnson, Celebrity Chef Carla Hall and World #1 player in the 35s and 45s, Jeff Greenwald.

This innovative concept, founded by P.J. Simmons may change the landscape of how to improve in tennis. The possibility that players can improve more quickly by working with coaches who are specialists as opposed to staying with one pro for everything may be just the change that the industry needs.

Amy Eddings, NPR talk show host of “All Things Considered” hosted a dynamic mental training question and answer session with Anne Smith, Jeff Greenwald and me. Amy, an avid player writes a blog called I Hate Tennis where she writes of her love of the game and the frustrations that she feels in trying to improve. Here she is with her favorite I Hate Tennis expression while I have my I Love Tennis expression.

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