Nobody Had a Better Story Than Ali 9

Stories work like this.

You write about who you aspire to be.
Your write it as if you are that person.

You reinforce it over and over again. Every day. To anyone who will listen.

Especially to yourself.

Over time that thinking becomes your habit.
You believe it.

You fold it into who you are.

Then you keep figuring out what you need to do to become it.

And you do what it takes.

“I am the greatest” is one of the most outrageous stories one could come up with.

Ali did.

Ali was.

Thank you, Muhammed Ali, for being the model for “Live the Best Story of Your Life.”

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9 thoughts on “Nobody Had a Better Story Than Ali

  • Ed Schroback

    When i was 13 i used to deliver newspapers in the early mornings..Before cable TV i would be the first to read how Sonny Liston was devouring opponents..Along came Ali in 1964..He acted like a crazy man and pulled the upset of the century breaking down the big ugly bear Liston and leaving him thoroughly defeated on his stool.. When i listened on the radio in 1964, i jumped around the house cheering..My father and most adults at the time hated Ali for refusing to fight in what proved to be an unjust war..But Ali stuck with me throughout the years. Many things happened and changed in our country while Ali was relevent And many of us from that era can identify with those times (the good and the bad)
    .Thanks Bob for paying tribute to Ali ; an icon in our lives.

  • richard horsley

    amen,able to meet Ali,even shaking with Parkinsons he still could touch your hand,look at you with that ‘twinkle’ in his eyes and stil touch your heart for the rest of your life…….

  • Jeff Annis

    Ali also stood up tall for what he believed and he paid the price for it. When he defiantly stood against the Vietnam War he was trashed in every way imaginable. My mom and dad were first class American patriots and they told us kids at the time that it was his right to refuse to participate in the war based on his deeply held beliefs. The boxing world turned it’s back on him and took away his title. He had to fight in Africa and the Manila to get on track. He lost a few big fights and he won many big fights. He always came back through the power of his great story. He came back from being cheated by promoters and crooks for managers. He ended up beloved and as a hero. He gave me chills when he lit the Olympic Torch for the Atlanta Games. A great hero with a great story of greatness and resolve.

  • Luis R Garza

    It was difficult for me as a kid watching Ali. I was brought up to be humble and respectful and not brag about yourself. As a result, I didn’t like him and rooted against him almost all the time, especially against Frazier. Was he really like how he portrayed himself? Or was it a story that he told to make himself believe. Would really like to know. Either way what a tremendous man and athlete he was.

  • Miles Hutson

    Miles Hutson commenting
    I am reading your book and of course absolutely love it!
    I am sure you are a Deepak Chopra fan
    His 21 day free meditating series with Oprah that just finished is fabulous . FYI.
    ‘Finding your destiny ‘
    In writing my new story I ran across one small tidbit that probably is not news to you but maybe worthy of mention?
    I noticed something when I play with my young protégé who has so much more talent than I but cannot ever come close to beating me. It puts me in a place
    that I play loose and well
    I feel sorry for him and hope that he will do better and make less silly mistakes . In turn I find myself hitting out and playing significantly better than usual .
    In my new story I utilize what I learned and feel and experience in this type of a win-win situation
    I am using your book to help prepare her for the 65 national events this year with my college teammate
    65 indoors this week
    I hope you are well!
    God bless you
    And please keep me on your mailing list

  • zeeshanarain

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