Watch Wimbledon and Raise the Level of Your Performance 6

We watch sports because we have an emotional connection to the players. We like and don’t like players. We care how they do.

There is more there to watch. We can become better versions of ourselves by watching these elite athletes under pressure.

Watch how they let go of their mistakes. They get twenty seconds to get their act together for the next point in which they need to be amazing. The margins are too small for these players to play a point while carrying the past forward. Notice how they posture themselves when they have had a disappointing result. Listen to how they turn losses into wins during their post match interviews. Learn from them by observing how they get focused (into the present) by using specific rituals like bouncing the ball and taking a deep breath. Notice how they get their bodies right on the changeovers by relaxing and taking in the right fluids and nutrition.

These players have learned that you can’t be your best if you are not being your best internally.

The samurai know that there are two opponents. The one facing him and the one inside himself.

Study the elite performers skills, pick one you would like to develop and get to work on it today.

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6 thoughts on “Watch Wimbledon and Raise the Level of Your Performance

  • Kirk Dawson

    Thanks, Bob.

    much of my improvement in tennis ( and life )is around my mental state and finding the positives in what happens around me.

    Looking forward to your online presentation tonight.

  • Jim Benge

    Hey Bob – Your samurai statement sums up the whole ball game. The opponent inside ourselves is often the first and most difficult to overcome. Someone should write a book on that topic.
    Excited to connect today on the book party.
    Jim Benge

  • Ed Schroback

    Yes, they are so much better at handling pressure and going from point to point than regular recreation players..Granted they have a lot more experience and support..But they are the best and it’s always good to learn from the best..

  • Dave Ferguson

    Overcoming the devils on our shoulder is often the most challenging aspect of tennis & life. Great stuff.