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Short, Sweet and Into the Semis 7

Delayed start today because of overnight rain so Jo Ann and I took a nice walk this morning by the pier. As we were walking along we spotted a dolphin. I have heard it is a sign of luck.

First Win of the Season 6

My match was scheduled for today at 9AM. I love playing early. Years of giving early morning tennis lessons trained me in being alert on the court right after getting up so, for me, the earlier the better

Tournament Update 5

While sitting at breakfast this morning I checked the tournament website to make sure that my 1:00PM match time hadn’t been changed. Good thing I checked. My opponent, who had won his first round match yesterday defaulted. So, disappointingly, no match today.

Competition Calling My Name 7

I have been competing as a senior tennis player for 30 years. I have been fortunate to have had an incredible run during these years. I had results beyond my dreams and, more importantly, I have become a different person as a result of being in the heat of competition

Process vs. Results and Being #1 in the World 7

While at Tennis Congress USA a couple of weeks ago I was giving a presentation “Storytelling: A World Champion’s Secret to Playing the Best Game of Your Life” and was pleased to see Jeff Greenwald in attendance. He is a former #1 in the World 35 and 45 and over player and a top San Francisco based sports psychologist.

Federer, Belief and the Power of a Good Story 82

“Belief is the scepter of all champions. It’s the way they command respect from their competitors. It’s how they coordinate their amazing talents. In the end, it’s the difference between the legends and the other supremely talented stars.

A New Model for Tennis Improvement? 1474

Just back from The US Tennis Congress, a remarkable weekend in Atlanta, attended by over 200 recreational players all wanting to grow their games. Eager for information these players were welcomed by 60 of the most passionate informed tennis coaches in the World.