Yearly Archives: 2014

Practice During a Match? 19

Won today 6-1, 6-0. The games were closer than the sets. My opponent had a good game. Experienced, good hands, strokes, serve and a deceptive drop shot. He had game point five times but I was able to find some strong focus to win four of them.

Competition: The Juice is Worth the Squeeze 19

I played a few tournaments as a junior player. I can’t recall it being enjoyable. I would play badly. I would get frustrated. Embarrassed. I would misbehave. I would lose. Winning felt like the only reason to play and the only way I could find something about the experience that made it worth doing.

No Quit in Djokovic 8

In the Monte Carlo semifinals on Saturday we got to witness another step in the evolution of Novak Djokovic, the competitor.

A few years ago, Novak used to retire in matches if he did not feel well. Hey, no judgment. That is what normal people do.

Short, Sweet and Into the Semis 7

Delayed start today because of overnight rain so Jo Ann and I took a nice walk this morning by the pier. As we were walking along we spotted a dolphin. I have heard it is a sign of luck.

First Win of the Season 6

My match was scheduled for today at 9AM. I love playing early. Years of giving early morning tennis lessons trained me in being alert on the court right after getting up so, for me, the earlier the better